Outbuildings Serve Multiple Functions

Farm and Home Structures’ outbuildings offer durability with endless design possibilities. Whether you’re looking for space to engage in your hobbies, keep your prized car in good repair, a ‘man cave’ or a ‘she shed’, an outbuilding from Farm and Home Structures may be the perfect solution. It can be designed to give you much-needed storage for everything from boxes to furniture, boats to tractors, as well as space to work year-round at your favorite activities.

Farm and Home Structures’ outbuildings are detached steel structures featuring a post frame design with steel siding and steel roof. The Craftsman post frame building is a great framing option for finishing the interior or adding additional features. All of our post frame steel building styles can be customized to suit your needs.

Our Craftsman framing, 30’ x 40’ x 10’ post frame steel building is Farm and Home Structures’ most popular choice for an outbuilding. The basic plan includes an entry door, a garage door and two windows. You can add additional windows, doors and other features such as lean-tos, cupolas, and dormers. Farm and Home Structures offers a palette of 20 color finishes, allowing you to customize your workshop building to blend with your home and other structures. The optional insulation package will help keep your workshop building more comfortable year-round. The steel covering is inherently resistant to mildew and mold, fire, rust, termites, insect and animal infestation and can stand up to virtually anything Mother Nature can dish out including high wind gusts, rain, hail, snow, and ice.

Farm and Home Structures has more than 30 years of experience in post frame design and construction throughout Missouri and Kansas. Let’s work together to build an outbuilding that meets your needs.

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If your Building has to fill several different needs then one of our Outbuildings is the way to go. Set it up with Parking and a Storage area, add a Hobby Shop with a covered Porch and still have room for a couple of Stalls in the back. A good Outbuilding can enhance the things you enjoy doing.

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