Pole Barns Offer Endless Possibilities

Pole barns, as the class of post-frame buildings is more commonly known, are buildings that incorporate simple, durable and cost-effective architectural designs. A building from Farm and Home Structures is perfect for use as a shop, shed, barn, outbuilding or garage.

Pole barns have been in use for decades. Our particular style features laminated columns that provide vertical support for the walls and roof and integrate into the floor.

Posts and their footings are buried below the frost line enabling a building to sustain pressure and bear significant weight. Girts are attached horizontally to the posts and form the exterior framing. Weather tight cladding, such as corrugated metal, veneer stone, or vinyl siding are used to finish the exterior walls.

Pole barns from Farm and Home Structures feature 29-gauge painted steel siding and roofing. They are also rated for winds up to 90 mph, and can carry ground snow loads of 20 lbs. and ceiling loads of 10 lbs. per square foot. Post frame buildings work for sloped property even in places where a traditional concrete foundation would not be practical. These structures do not require complicated excavation or foundation work which can add as much as 15 percent to a construction budget.

Finally, a post barn can reside on a natural dirt floor, a gravel base or concrete poured during or after construction. In short, we build on any level pad.

Building codes vary from one county and city to the next. Regardless of your location, post frame buildings from Farm and Home Structures are engineered and certified to meet or exceed the most demanding codes. Many areas only require the roof truss to meet minimum loads but with Farm and Home Structures your entire building is engineered to these higher standards, often qualifying for insurance discounts. Our customers time and again report that their building permit application processes went relatively issue-free because of the concise packet of materials we prepare for their filing.

Farm and Home Structures has more than 30 years of experience constructing engineered steel buildings and post frame wood buildings. Let’s work together to build a great building for your specific needs. Let's work together to build a legacy on your property.