Traditional Post Frame Buildings

Features and Benefits
Most “Pole Barn” offerings on the market today are based on some variation of this framing method.
Roof Trusses and Columns are typically spaced between 8’ to 10’ apart which means fewer parts to handle. The design also makes full use of the strength of materials such as roof purlins being installed on edge and wider spacing of wall girts.
The economy of this framing method is most apparent on building widths 42’ and wider.

Materials Specifications

Footings Solid concrete “cookie” for column bearing and 80# bag of dry mix for uplift
Columns #1 Southern Pine, 3 ply 2x6 (minimum) glued, nail laminated, finger jointed and face planed 4 sides. Columns are 8’ on center along Sidewalls and 10’ along the Endwalls. Preservative below grade is .60 retention.                                                          
Roof Trusses 8’ on center spacing, 20# Snow Load top chord, 5# Live Load top chord,  4# Dead Load bottom chord.   Note: Additional snow loading may be required dependent upon the latitude and altitude of your job site.
Truss Supports Roof Trusses are “saddled” between column plys.

2x4, #2 or better for truss stabilizer bracing and roofline bracing. 2x6, #2 or better corner wall bracing. Jack bracing is furnished from Endwall Columns to the 2nd Roof Truss on Each end of building.

Splash Board Double 2x6, #2 or better treated lumber with .60 treatment retention
Wall Girts 2x6, #2 or better at 2’-6” on center vertically. Girts are attached flat “on face.”
Roof Purlins

2x4, #2 or better at 2’ on center along roof line. Purlins are attached “on edge.”

Steel Sheeting 29 gauge (.016 nominal thickness), Grade E, 80,000 ksi yield strength. Roof and Wall sheeting is roll formed into 36” wide sheets with ¾” ribs at 9” on center. The base steel is coated with Galvalume, a pretreatment, primer coat and then a siliconized polyester top coat.
Trim Fully trimmed with Ridge Cap, Gable Trim, Eave Trim, Corner Trim and Base Trim. Trim is furnished in long lengths for one piece applications where possible. All exposed edges have hems and Corner/Gable trims have stiffening ribs to reduce waviness.
Fasteners Color matched wood screws with neoprene washers are used on Roofs and Walls. 2” length screws are used along perimeter edges subject to higher wind forces. 1 ½” length is used in the panel field.