Sheds Protect Your Equipment From the Elements

Farm equipment often are large machines requiring a larger space. Farm and Home Structures offers machine sheds in a range of sizes to accommodate everything from a couple of tractors to an entire fleet of farm equipment and implements. Our most requested machine shed is 40’ x 60’ with a height of 12 feet to provide ample clearance for tall equipment. This machine shed features sliding doors that are 12 feet tall and open to provide a 20 foot wide entrance. A side entry door is also included. The price for a 40’ x 60’ machine shed starts at $20,700.

Farm and Home Structures offers several upgrades and accessories to customize your shed to meet your needs. Sliding doors can be upgraded to hydraulic automatic doors. You can choose to have a second set of aligned sliding doors installed and convert to a drive-through building. Partitions can be installed to allow you to divide your machine shed into separate functional areas, such as a space to operate a workshop. Consider adding a wash bay with a concrete floor, drain, and water hookup that will allow you to wash your equipment inside. Other popular upgrades include a commercial-grade 26-gauge steel roof.

Our larger 60’ x 120’ x 16’ machine shed can serve multiple purposes well. It offers enough space to house a workshop and a wash bay and still leaves room to protect your equipment from the weather.  The starting cost for a 60’ x 120’ machine shed is $51,500.

A building designed for farm equipment storage can also be used as temporary storage for grain and crops. Farm and Home Structures has more than 30 years of experience in machine shed design and construction throughout Missouri and Kansas. Let’s work together to build a machine shed that meets your needs.  

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Our Post Frame Sheds are the lowest cost method available to have a wide Clearspan Building required for Machinery and Equipment storage. It's easy to add on a Lean-to for even more Roof Cover and our "Round Track" Sliding Doors with aluminum frames are smooth and easy to operate.

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40' x 60' x 12'

Standard Features Include
  • 20’x12’ Slide Door or 12’x10’ Overhead Door
  • 3068 Entry Door w/ Knob & Lockset
Optional Features
  • Condensation Barrier on Roofline ($1,490)
  • 8’x8’ Overhead Door ($1,190)
  • 36” Eavelites at 2 sides ($1,020)
  • 6’ of Eyebrow over Entry Door ($300)

50' x 80' x 16'

Standard Features Include
  • 24'x16' Split Slide Door
  • 3068 Entry Door w/ Knob & Lockset
Optional Features
  • 26 ga. Painted Steel Roof ($1,530)
  • Additional 8' of Building Length ($3,190)
  • 16'x16' Single Leaf Slide Door ($1,350)
  • Dividing Wall Sheeted 1 Side ($2,920)

60' x 120' x 16'

Standard Features Include
  • 30'x16' Split Slide Door
  • 3068 Entry Door w/ Knob & Lockset
Optional Features
  • 26 ga. Painted Steel Roof ($2,750)
  • 30'x16' Split Slide Door ($2,840)
  • 24'x16' Split Slide Door ($2,480)
  • 18" Interior Clearance Height ($2,290)